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  • Stock code: SZ002547

    value orientation

    • corporate vision

      It has become the most respected fortune 500 enterprise in the field of precision manufacturing

    • Corporate mission

      Seiko creates a good life

    • Business philosophy

      Respect and Love,Fusion innovation

    • Core values

      Introspection, transcendence, dedication

    Behavior guide

    • Eight principles of operation and management

    • Functional department guide

    • There are eight standards of employee behavior

    Eight principles of operation and management

    First, customer first, win-win cooperation second, legal operation, social responsibility

    Three, fine accounting, management objectives four, three principles, transparent operation

    Fifth, strive for excellence, quality first six, focus on persistence, specialized skills

    8. Sticking to the core and carrying out reform and innovation

    Functional department guide

    Basic rules of conduct in all functional areas

    (human resources, customer service, quality management, technology research and development, production and manufacturing)

    There are eight standards of employee behavior

    First, insist on learning and have the courage to innovate. Second, pay close attention to details

    Three. Hard work and dedication  four. Passion and happiness in work

    Five, integrity, open a model for people six, active, the pursuit of excellence

    Seek truth from facts, frank communication 8. Teamwork, altruism and win-win situation


    • Objective advantage

      Have a clear strategy and goals

    • System advantage

      The enterprise is based on amoeba accounting, lean production management and information system to improve the management system

    • Team advantage

      We have a hard-working, dedicated and quick response team